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Final Fantasy TCG - Hidden Hope Booster Box (36 Packs)

Final Fantasy TCG - Hidden Hope Booster Box (36 Packs)

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One sealed booster box containing 36 boosters

Debuting with this release, introducing a groundbreaking feature called the “Limit Break” system. This thematic addition promises to reshape FFTCG strategy by incorporating cards from outside the deck, setting the stage for continuous innovation in future sets. Furthermore, Legacy Cards are available in this booster pack. These are Full Art Foil renditions of legendary cards, cherished for both their artwork and gameplay impact. The three Legacy Cards featured in this set are: Fat Chocobo [4-064L], Chaos [16-129L], and Sephiroth [18-116L]. Notably, these Special and Legacy Cards aren’t just collectibles; they are eligible for use in official tournaments, akin to regular cards.

  • 1 pack includes 12 cards
  • 1 box includes 36 packs
  • 1 pack includes 1 premium card
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