About Us

ENDGAME is an Arekkz Gaming owned sub brand that houses all projects related to physical products. With Endgame we are aiming to take our industry expertise, knowledge and passion to create high quality products that will cater to gamers and tech culture in an authentic way.
The Arekkz Gaming channels are a blend of both professional and enthusiast video content, recognised for their high production values, in depth game knowledge and quick turnaround times.
The Arekkz Gaming channel maintains a constant flow of daily, gaming-focussed content that ranges from news updates and quick tips, to more in depth tutorials and walkthroughs.
Currently Arekkz Gaming has surpassed 1 million subscribers on YouTube & the team is now looking to branch out into different avenues, as a result, ENDGAME has been created.

 Our Products

When creating our products we aim to use high quality materials with unique designs the designs take inspiration from our love for gaming, anime & tech. Be the first to join us on this new journey as we reach our ENDGAME.
If you have an issues please contact us via the contact page or by email: help@endgame.zone 

Meet The Team

Matthew 'TwoSixNine' Weathers

Co-Founder & Director


Benjamin 'Paradise Central' Paradise